Hi, I am Guru.

I am a Technical Specialist in Cyber Security at ZF (ZRE - ZF Race Engineering). I am a UK Expert to the international working group developing ISO/SAE 21434 Road vehicles. Previously, I worked in ZF's Div A as a Principal Cyber security engineer. I have also worked as a research engineer at HP Security Labs. I did my PhD in computer science from the University of Birmingham where I was supervised by Prof. Mark Ryan.

I have been fortunate to work with Prof. Michael Clarkson at the George Washinton University as a research assistant from Dec '12 to April '13. I also enjoyed working with Liqun Chen at the Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol and Prof. Peter Ryan at the University of Luxembourg.

Before starting my PhD I did an M.Sc in Computer security from the Univeristy of Birmingham.

Research Interests

Automotive Security

At present my work is focused on automotive security. I have been working on developing and detailing ZF's cybersecurity engineering process. This includes refining overall work flow and alignment to international standards and ZF engineering process landscape, and create detailed work packages. I support ZF global organisation for cybersecurity engineering process as well. I support ZF BUs to perform security analysis tasks including threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) (based on EVITA, SAE J3061, and ISO SAE 21434).

Internet of Things (IoT)

I am quite interested in analysing and developing secure IoT protocols.

Internet Voting

I am also interested in investigating verifiability, privacy, and usability properties in internet voting systems.

Privacy in Social networks

I like to find techniques using which private information in social networks like Facebook can be extracted and how to prevent that.

More details on research activities

My research publications and information about other activities can be found on my Research page

Selected Press Coverage